Codigo 1530 Tequila

Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa Blanco from the distillery serves as the base for Rosa, which is then resting in French White Oak barrels.





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Buy Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa Blanco Online -For Sale

Codigo 1530 Tequila Rosa Blanco from the distillery serves as the base for Rosa, which is then resting in French White Oak barrels of Tequila from Napa Cabernet for a month.

usage of the best Napa Cabernet-Fässer made of French white wine to mature the rose. The Rosa-Fässers do not kohl, allowing the Cabernet to interact directly with the Since the Rosa-Fässers don’t kohl, the Cabernet can communicate with the

Tequila can captivate thanks to its subdued rosa hue and somewhat bluish finish. Tequila has the ability to engage thanks to its subtle rosa color and somewhat bluish finish. The phrase that most accurately captures the unadulterated flavor of excellent inputs is Código 1530 Blanco.

The manufacturing of Código 1530 never compromises quality. The only goal is to produce the purest tequila possible using only the best ingredients and centuries-old, family-only methods. We can remove the greatest juice and pulp from the initial press of agave using our specialized chopper to get the purest flavor.

To preserve the rich, natural flavor of Los Bajos agave, we don’t add any chemicals, flavoring, or sugar. In our time-honored family aging process, we employ the finest Napa Cabernet French White Oak Barrels, enjoying the pristine elegance.

Less than 1% of tequila companies in the market control the full process from “Field to Bottle,” and Código 1530 considers itself a member of this unique and genuine club.

Fede Vaughan, co-founder, and CEO determined that it was the proper time to harvest their lovely Blue Weber Agave plants as a result of this control and oversight, waiting a full 6 years until they were completely and fully grown with a Brix level at its peak. The pias used to make this rare Blanco weighed on average roughly 100 pounds each.

Rested one month

Código 1530 Rosa starts with the purity of our Blanco and rests for a month in French wine barrels made of Napa Valley Cabernet. A refined spirit that has a natural hue as lovely as its flavor is the end product.

Product Notes

To age our Rosa, we exclusively use the best Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels.


Award-winning Napa Cabernet Barrels; No Additives, Sweeteners, Flavoring, or Chemicals; Family-owned and Operated Distillery; 61 Calories/oz.

New Product Description

Expect vanilla, toasted caramel, sweet agave, oak, and cocoa powder flavors and smells.





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