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Chateau Du Breuil Calvados 12 Yr 750ml Calvados, France- The mild and damp weather and clayed soil of the Pays d’Auge give the ideal growing conditions for its 22,000 apple trees that surround the Chateau du Breuil. In the cellars, Calvados age only in oak casks. This cognac gives priority to quality rather than quantity.

This is a blend of Calvados age between 20 and 25 years. It has been select among the noblest and oldest Calvados of the Château du Breuil cellars. Of its very amber color and its strength in tannins, the aromas and roundness are exceedingly pleasing. This is a distinguished, graceful, and supple calvados, for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

This Appellation Pays d’Auge Control Calvados is a blending of Calvados that have aged a minimum of 12 years in the oak casks of the Château du Breuil under the attentive care of the Cellar Master. It titrates 41%.

The 22,000 apple trees that encircle the Chateau du Breuil thrive in the Pays d’Auge’s clayey soil, temperate climate, and optimal growth circumstances. Only oak barrels are using to mature Calvados in the cellars. Quality is prioritise over quantity in this cognac.

Chateau du Breuil 12 Year Tasting Notes

Nose: Nose is complex yet not overwhelming.

Palate: Lovely, mild on the tongue with a slight burn at the end.

Finish: Finish is lingering.


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