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Buy Casamigos Reposado 1.75l Online with hints of caramel. Aged for seven months in American white oak casks that have been reconditioned after originally being used for premium-aged whiskey. Great served neat or on the rocks, and the perfect base for premium cocktails.

It is delicate and faintly oaky after spending 7 months in quality American white oak casks. Casamigos is an excellent, genuine tequila. The sweet flavor of Casamigos Reposado makes it a terrific choice for sipping on its own or blending with your favorite beverages.

Reposado Casamigos Tequila

  • Casamigos is the creator
  • Area: Mexico
  • 4% alcohol
  • Age: No
  • Passover kosher: not
  • Type: Reposado Casamigos
  • 1.75L bottle size
  • Species: Tequila
  • Finish: a mild oak flavor
  • Proof: 80

With undertones of caramel, it is smooth and clear. matured for seven months in reconditioned American white oak barrels that were formerly intended to age premium whiskey. Excellent neat or over ice, and is the ideal base for high-end cocktails.


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