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Buy Casamigos Anejo 750ml Online and caramel flavors with a hint of sweetness from Blue Weber agave are blended with barrel wood and light spice undertones. The exceptional tequila has a long-lasting, silky taste thanks to its 14-month aging process. Enjoy!

Does Casamigos have an Anejo?

Casamigos Anejo is 14 months old. It smells clean and sophisticated, with subtle caramel and vanilla overtones. The sweetness from the Blue Weber agaves is perfectly balanced with the nuances of spice and barrel wood, and the finish is long and smooth. The finest way to consume Casamigos Aejo is neat or on the rocks.

Is Casamigos Anejo sweet?

The aged tequila from Casamigos offers a rich, sophisticated introduction to the category. Although it tends to be sweeter than average, herbaceous agave undertones definitely come through, creating a well-rounded and popular flavor profile.

How much is Casamigos at Costco?

Ordering it will cost $49.99 for a 750ml bottle. The tequila from Casamigos reposado is a stronger, more potent variety. The cost of this 750 ml bottle is $54.99, and it has a 750 ml capacity. The finest way to enjoy Casamigos A*ejo is with a fine cigar and delectable cuisine.

What is the smoothest Casamigos?

This rich, golden tequila is the result of Casamigos’ longest aging procedure. The Alejo has a significantly sweeter profile than the Reposado since it has aged in the barrels for twice as long.


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