The Last Drop Cognac 750ml

Rich, Pear, Fruit, Oak, Complex

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Scotland- Complexity of fruit to the nose, with mashed pears and figs intertwined with dried grapes that ends in an all right access with a gently spiced body. The end is a properly stability of cocoa and oak.

BRAND: The Last Drop


SPIRITS TYPE: Brandy & Cognac


ABV: 41.8%

TASTE: Rich, Pear, Fruit, Oak, Complex

Additional Information

Varietal: Cognac

Country: France – When it involves wine, France stands alone. No different us of a can beat it in phrases of high-satisfactory and diversity. And even as lots of its Region, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne maximum obviously, produce wine as rare, as sought-after and almost as high-priced as gold, there are simply as many obscurities and values available from little recognised appellations during the us of a.  To research the entirety there may be to realize approximately French wine might take a lifetime. To apprehend and admire French wine, one simplest has to start tasting them.

Sub-Region: Cognac

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Country- France

Area- Cognac


Department- Liquor

Type- Brandy

Varietal- Cognac


Size- 750ML

Proof- 83.6

Our 2d launch turned into the only that set The Last Drop at the route to turning into Curators of Remarkable Spirits: turning from Scotch Whiskey to Cognac allowed us to pursue excellence, regardless of in which we located it.

We located those casks in a tiny distillery deep withinside the woods of Cognac. For over 1/2 of a century, they lay in which they were rested after the authentic distillation in an old-fashioned, wood-fired copper still. Much of the liquid had evaporated for the duration of the sixty years of ageing; what remained, sufficient for simply 478 bottles, turned into sublime.

During its lengthy sleep withinside the cellars, extra has been given to this superb cognac than the angels took from it. The air, slowly circulating thru the all rightover decades, has eliminated any preliminary harshness which may also have existed. Meanwhile, the all righthas interacted with the spirit itself to yield wealthy vanilla flavours and a deep bronze colour. Buy The Last Drop Cognac


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