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Blood Oath Pact 6 Bourbon the fourth portion of the Blood Promise whiskey series — Agreement No. 4 — dispatches this month.

Blood Promise is a mix of three whiskeys to make a Kentucky straight whiskey bourbon. Agreement No. 4 consolidates a 12-year whiskey that furnishes a smooth get-done with profound oak undercurrents and a rich 10-year whiskey that adds caramel and honey flavors, the organization says. The third whiskey, a nine-year-old, balances the flavors as it is done in toasted whiskey barrels, adding profound chocolate, vanilla, and zest flavors.

John Rempe, Head Distiller, and Expert Blender is a Guaranteed Food Researcher with a Four-year college education in Science from St. Louis University. With north of 20 years of involvement with the refining of spirits, he has made brands like David Nicholson Hold, Renegade Holler 10-Year, and the Super Exceptional Blood Pledge Series. heavily associated with the oversight of Luxco’s honor-winning Whiskey Portfolio, which incorporates The Agitator Shout, Ezra Creeks, David Nicholson, and Blood Vow Whiskey Families.

Whiskey Mix:

14-Year Rye whiskey
8-Year Rye whiskey
7-Year Ryed whiskey completed in Cognac barrel
Blood Promise Settlement 6 2020 One-Time Restricted Delivery Kentucky Straight Whiskey Bourbon Tasting Notes


Light caramel and toasted sugar

Sense of taste: Flavored raisins and dull berries


Crème Brulee

What the Blender Says

Lux Line ace distiller John Rempe proceeds with his yearly agreement with whiskey consumers with the arrival of Blood Pledge Settlement 8, an 8-year Kentucky straight whiskey bourbon completed in Calvados barrels. A restricted stockpile of 17,000 (3-pack) cases will show up at retail this April at a recommended cost of $119.99 per 750 ml bottle.

These containers grant their exceptional smell and flavor to make Blood Vow Settlement 8 a stand-out pour.


Fragrance: Slight apple on the button with traces of vanilla and cinnamon.
Sense of taste: Ready apples and delicious pears joined with butterscotch and traces of chocolate.
FINISH: apples, pears, butterscotch, and chocolate.



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