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Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Old Age is a section-level whiskey created with Bison Follow’s high-rye whiskey crush bill, known as Squash Bill #2. This brand has been around since around 1946 and has matured for a considerable length of time. While this item is created by the Sazerac-claimed Bison Follow Refinery, the brand is owned by Age Global.

What the Refinery Says

You’ve known us quite a while, and you could continuously rely on us for quality. Yet, significantly more than that, you’ve known us to make extraordinary whiskey. All things considered, we just improved. We’ve started involving a chill filtration framework for our whiskey, which works on our variety, flavor, and all-around taste insight.

We’ve generally invested wholeheartedly in what we put in our jugs. Presently considerably more so.

What Richard Says

Nose: Orange blooms, cloves, and traces of heated cherries.
Sense of taste: Orange sharp flavoring creates to orange zing. There’s much surprisingly citrus. There’s simply a smidgen of pleasantness looking around the corners.
Finish: The completion is smooth yet severe.
Remarks: whenever I first became mindful of Old Age quite a while back through Stephen Ruler’s novella Well-suited Student. Kurt Dussander, the Nazi conflict criminal in stowing away drank a large number of containers of Old Age. He portrayed it as “modest and great.” It’s certainly modest. The greatest is emotional. I view this as a typical whiskey, yet it is the “orangeries” whiskey I’ve ever attempted. Perhaps something for the mixologists to observe.

What Matt Says

Nose: tart plums, dry, dusty wood, consumed sugar, and vanilla. Water draws out some tart apple (practically like a Wine Sap)
Sense of taste: Sharp and alcoholic on the sides of the tongue. Pecan husks, cinnamon bubble gum (Huge Red to be definite), near berry pleasantness, and rock sweets.
Finish: The consumer waits and warms the throat. The completion is overwhelmed by dusty pecan husks with a sweet/harsh mix that floats simply over the tongue
Remarks: A smoker’s bourbon. The completion gradually blurs to a taste that is something basically the same as cigarette debris. It’s modest. I’ll give it that. Maybe one of the better bourbons at this cost. It unquestionably contrasts measures like Ten High and Renegade Shout. In the event that I at any point become a vagabond, riding the rails and hustling for my next feast, this will presumably be my bourbon of decision. Up to that point, I’ll adhere to my Bison Follow and Four Roses Yellow Name for reasonable whiskey.


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